Truly Dedicated: Benefits of Loop Bands

Great for warming up and mobility:

Loop bands can be used as a great addition to your warm-up. These are my favorite accessories to use before a ballet class because they allow me to target the leg and buttock muscles without fatiguing them right before a class.

Great for strengthening the lower body:

Loop bands can be added to squats, leg raises, bridge work and a ton of other lower body workouts. The great thing about the loop bands is that they up the workout by adding a little bit of resistance to each of these workouts. One of my favorite ways to utilize loop bands is in bridge work. It is a quick way for me to activate my hamstrings while also building a booty.

Exercise Variety:

Loop bands offer a variety of ways that they can be utilized. Most people associate loop bands with lower body workouts but they can also be added to just about any part of the body to intensify a workout. Throw them around your wrists, put the arms up in the air, and pulse out using the band for resistance. This is a great tricep warm up and arm trimmer. I also like to add the band around my feet while doing bicycles to add a challenge for my abdominal stability.

Lightweight and easy to store:

The bands are not only easy to work with, but they are also easy to store. Any time I am traveling or going on vacation the one item I make sure to bring are my loop bands! They add little to no weight to my carry on and can be thrown into a pocket in my bag. So easy and efficient!

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